Adoption Exchange of Utah

The Adoption Exchange believes every child deserves a family . . . therefore, we are the connection between children who wait in foster care and families who adopt.

We provide expertise and support before, during and after the adoption process.

Adoption Exchange Penny

This penny is showing a little in its age but certainly has some miles left.

The only one of our 5 pennies styled on back with Lincoln standing in front of the nation's capitol!

2 Hours Attorney Services or in-kind Yard Work in a suit and tie

This is a service trade presented from attorney Wesley Hutchins. A  professional at Adoptions, Personal Injury,

Litigation, Insurance Defense, Contract & other general practices. Two complementary hours of his expertise or

if you aren't very fond of attorneys, he's offered two hours of complete yard service while wearing a suit and tie. What an offer!! So what do you have to trade that's Bigger & Better!?! 

Beautifuly Modest Prom/Wedding Dress

Size 6, white prom/wedding dress. Beautifully modest pick up style with gorgeous bead work. A stunning gown to say the least! So what do you have to trade??
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